Lunch Date Lunch Box in Star Star Away


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Love to lunch? This is the perfect date. Insulated fabric, roomy capacity, and tall profile keeps full-size drinks upright, with plenty of room to stack food items. Zipper pocket on back for utensils and adjustable buckle handle for attaching to backpack....

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Purposefully designed to be soft + lightweight, yet tough + durable

- Easy-clean, water-resistant fabric

- Foam insulation layer helps to keep contents cool

- Adjustable buckle handle easily attaches to outside of backpacks

- Opens wide for easy loading

- Zipper pocket on back for utensils

- Velcro closure on flap

- Roomy capacity, fits full-size drinks upright

- Heat-sealed, PVC-free liner

Material: insulated poly twill

Care: Wipe clean with a damp wash cloth or towel, with or without soap.  Air dry.

Dimensions: 8.75"W x 9"H x 5.25"D

SKU: 12198