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Decorative 3" disks adorned with designs to #beautifyyourbogg. Choose a Bogg Bit to show your personality. Bogg Bits fit in any of the holes in the Original Bogg Bag, Baby Bogg Bag and even the BYO Bogg Bag. With lots of holes, have fun collecting Bogg...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- 3" disk

- Fits Original Bogg Bag, Baby Bogg Bag, and BYO Bogg Bag

Instructions: To install the Bogg Bit into any of the holes on the Original Bogg Bag, Baby Bogg Bag or BYO Bogg Bag simply push it through the hole anywhere you choose.  To remove, simply use your thumb to push it back through the hole.

Material: Silicone