BYO Bogg Wine Tote in GREEN with envy


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BYO in style. The same features you know and love from Bogg Bag, now in a wine carrier. A new twist on your traditional wine tote, BYO Bogg holds any size bottle of wine or your drink of choice...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- The tip-proof, ribbed bottom helps keep your BYO Bogg Wine Tote upright and ready to use

- Quickly becoming a fan favorite, the BYO Bogg is the newest addition to the Bogg Bag family. Bring BYO Bogg to your favorite restaurant, picnic or party, or make BYO Bogg your go to gift for family and friends.

Dimensions: 13" x 4" x 4"

The body of the Original, Baby Bogg Bag, BYO Bogg Wine Tote as well as the base of the Beauty and the Bogg Cosmetic Bag is constructed using a material called EVA.  The decorative insert bags are constructed mainly of plastic.

Caring for your Bogg Bag is super easy!  To maintain a perfectly shaped Bogg Bag avoid leaving them in places where they would be exposed to extreme heat, such as the trunk of a car as this may cause the bag to warp.  Don’t worry, the beach is a perfect place for Bogg Bag.  Avoid leaving heavier items leaning on or against your Bogg Bag as this may cause your bag to become misshapen.  When the straps are not up and in use, put them in the down “u” position to keep them nicely shaped.

To wash your Bogg Bag, water will do the trick!  For messier trips, use mild soap and water or a simple antibacterial/baby wipe.