Daytripper Shoulder Bag in Fleetwood Black


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A super durable and lightweight shoulder bag & a best-selling style. Great for all your totin' around to the gym, work, or running errands. This SCOUT bag is the quintessential everyday bag in a smaller package - weighs a little, carries a lot!...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Water resistant & easily wipes clean inside and out

- Leatherette reinforced bottom

- Lightweight enough to carry comfortably every day

- Bag handles are long enough to go over the shoulder

- Zips closed for safekeeping

- Interior zipper pocket

- Thin enough to fold and pack inside a duffle or suitcase for that extra just-in-case bag

Material: coated cotton

Care: Wipe clean with a damp wash cloth or towel, with or without soap.  Air dry.

SKU: 55075

Dimensions: 19"W x 11.5"H x 6"D, Handle/Strap Length 1"