Plus 1 Foldable Travel Bag in Cays Of Our Lives


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There's nothing quite like the best-selling Plus 1! This two-in-one travel bag is designed with the unexpected in mind - you never know when you'll need more space. The quilted tote folds into a removable pouch that becomes a snap-in pocket....

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Water resistant & easily wipes clean

- Two bags in one: tote folds into the zipper pouch; zipper pouch snaps inside tote to become pocket

- Key clasp inside tote

- Zip closure

Material: quilted poly twill

Care: Spot clean with a damp wash cloth or towel, with or without soap.  Air dry.

SKU: 13317

Dimensions: 22.5"W x 14.5"H x 7"D, Handle/Strap Length 12.25"