Check - Tiny Hair Clip


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Say goodbye to breakable clips! We have officialy re-invented the claw clip. Each clip has bendable teeth that take back to shape, they work on all hair types and have a strong hold. Hold your hair and enhance your style with the new TELETIES Clip!...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

Say goodbye to breakable clips! Perfect for kids, thin hair, and fun styles, each tiny hair clip from TELETIES is made from a bendable and durable material that will bend but not break. Best of all TELETIES hair clips are comfy to wear and stay in place for all day style
• Innovative materials with a strong hold for all hair types
• Bendable teeth that maintain their original shape
• Hidden springs for a clean and polished look
• Curved design for a comfortable, tailored fit

- Sold individually

Tiny - For kids, Half-Up Hairstyles, Nearly unbreakable
Small - For thin to medium thick hair, Worry-free Hold, Works for all hair textures, Comfortable curved design
Large - For thick hair, Strong grip, For all hair textures, Bendable teeth