Pineapple Patch (Set of 8)


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A pineapple is the symbol of hospitality - a sweet motif of friendship, welcome and warmth. This crowned fruit is such a perfect design for a silverware pouch that we are stumped why it took us so long to create. Let your guests know they are meant to b...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

Set includes 8 woven jute pouches wrapped with a hand-tied ribbon.  

- Packaged in a muslin, reusable storage bag.

Image is shown with a paper napkin & plastic silverware which are not included.  Please note that jute is a natural fiber and variations in color and weave are part of the charm.  If needed, spot clean with a wet cloth and mild detergent.

Dimensions: 6" x 3 1/4"