Volcano Dryer Ball Kit


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Say hello to your dryer’s new best friend! Our Volcano™ Dryer Ball Kit is designed to soften fabrics while adding a touch of your fav fragrance...

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- Includes 3 wool dryer balls in our iconic cobalt blue + our famous Volcano fragrance oil - formulated with grapefruit and tangerine essential oils.

- The dryer balls are long-lasting, machine washable and hand-made with 100% pure wool and colorfast dye that won't bleed.

- Dryer balls eliminate wrinkles, static, and lint.

- Non-toxic. Vegan formula. Cruelty-free. Formulated without gluten, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. No synthetic colors.

How To Use: Add 5-8 drops of Laundry Fragrance Oil to each dryer ball and place in dryer with laundry.

Dimensions: 5.75"L x 2.875"W x 5.875"H. 3x3" Wool Ball