Baguette Acacia Board in Emerald Jewel


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Serve your favorite snacks for a girl’s night in, a date night with your spouse, or for a great night with friends. These cheeseboards blend gorgeous Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece of serveware for your home....

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding, or a treat for yourself

- The baguette board is perfect for serving sushi, baguettes, bruschetta, kebabs and more.

- These handmade pieces are made from high quality acacia wood and an eco-friendly epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind piece of serveware for your home

- Each piece is hand poured in small batches by our in house team of resin artists

- Serves 3 to 5 people

- Made in Canada

Size With Handle (inches) - 5" W x 24" L x 5/8" H
Size Without Handle (inches) - 5" W x 19" L x 5/8" H

Cleaning & Care:
Hand wash items with a cloth and warm soapy water. Dry with a towel and allow item to fully air dry overnight. DO NOT place any of our serveware in the dishwasher! 

If you are displaying food on a piece of wooden serveware for an extended period of time we recommend placing parchment paper on the wooden surface prior to placing the food on the board. 

To keep your cheese and bread board looking new, we recommend rubbing a food safe oil onto the wooden surface monthly or as needed. Food safe oils include, walrus oil, osmo oil or any other form of food safe mineral oil. You can purchase our recommended cutting board oil on our shop now page! 

After applying cutting board oil, you can also apply a wood wax to give your board an extra shine! View our recommended wood wax on our shop now page!