Sayra and Michelle are the creative co-founders of Bracha. Starting in 2012, the sister duo leading Bracha combined their different styles to create a coveted natural stones jewelry brand. Bracha started as a home-based business born out of Sayra and Michelle’s love for natural stones and is now sold in over top retailers like Nordstrom, Revolve and stores nationwide. They have been published in major magazines and seen on top influencers. Known for their top quality designs that don't break the bank have made them a sought after brand.

Bracha is a glam and trendy with substance and heart. With a passion to help end human trafficking, Sayra and Michelle not only offer trendy and glamorous jewelry but also donate a portion of the proceeds to eliminate human trafficking.   Their commitment is to make jewelry accessible to everyone and to create styles that can be worn no matter what the current trend is. Their number one design rule is... "If they don't both love it, they don't make it." They combine top quality stones and gold filled mixed metals,  to bring designs that appeal to women of all generations. Life and seasons always change, Bracha keeps up. Shopping Bracha always gives you something new to look forward to.

Faith + Family + Giving back is their jam.


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