Thomas Blonde

Thomas Blonde's fragrances are dedicated to represent the style and decor of your space with an unforgettable scent. Though many fragrance companies focus on feminine scents, Thomas Blonde strikes a balance...creating scents that can be embraced by both men and women (think the ultimate home scent your husband won't complain about!!)

Thomas Blonde has a varying line of items with sophisticated, simple, and earthy undertones...including candles, room spray, laundry detergent, and perfume. Each product is made with 100% essential oil with no carriers or phthalates. 

Thomas Blonde's signature scent, BLONDE is a tantalizing combination of cool citrus notes and musk undertones, paired with black pepper and cardamom. 26 oils are combined to create this truly unexplainable scent.

Our personal favorite scent, JOSHUA TREE is captivating scents of sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, and amber wood. The result is something so glorious and completely intoxicating you'll want to bask in it all your life.

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THOMAS BLONDE Blonde High-Roller Grab & Go Perfume Stick
Blonde High-Roller Grab & Go Perfume Stick
When only the best will do, we have the High-Roller Perfume stick for you. Apply...
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