My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero creates wearable blessings that bring faith, hope, and purpose into everyday life. The company was founded on the belief that God is real, prayer works, love heals, and miracles happen. Throughout history we have been left with sacred symbols and tools (often referred to as sacramentals) that help us stay connected to all that is true, good, and beautiful. My Saint My Hero incorporates these tools into all of our pieces bringing the sacred to now, igniting the sacred and holy within each person.

My Saint My Hero began with an inspiration to bring the stories of the saints to the youth as a reminder that we are all called to be saints. Saints were real people who walked this earth in union with Christ, and miracles happend. Together we make God's love visible, and the My Saint My Hero wearable blessings remind us of our true calling.

Each piece comes from communities around the globe and are infused with love and prayer. Each time you purchase a woven piece, you are empowering women through meaningful work.

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