Made By Mary

The Made By Mary Story:
Back in 2013, Mary was a new mom with a sweet little baby and an exhausting mix of postpartum depression, fatigue, and confusion about her purpose. In this time of uncertainty, Mary was drawn to the idea of creating jewelry to represent these pivotal moments in life -- from the triumphant to the tragic. She found immense joy in crafting heartfelt jewelry that allowed me to connect with countless women, hear their stories, celebrate their joys, and offer comfort during their heartbreaks. What began as a journey out of her depression became a passion for connecting with women worldwide and helping to empower them through simple yet impactful jewelry.

Made by Mary has grown from a one-woman passion project into a team of artisans, designers, and customer service specialists; but handmade is not lost on them, they still hand-cut every bar, stamp each letter one by one, file, polish, and clean by hand, and thoughtfully package each piece, all with the knowledge that we are creating something precious. We are helping you tell your beautiful story.

Their mission...Everything they create will empower you to find connection and embrace your truest self, because the story you wear should be just as beautiful as the one in your heart.

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