Ethic Goods

ETHICGOODS was founded in 2011 on the idea that fashion can empower. After visiting several anti-trafficking groups in Thailand, Maegan Hawley discovered one thing the men and women impacted by trafficking had in common was the need for dignified employment in a safe environment. Most of them were skilled artisans who were already making jewelry, but many were struggling to grow their businesses. If these men and women can provide for themselves, they are able to set their families and children on a new, hope-filled path.

That’s when the idea for ETHICGOODS hit: she could help expand the artistans reach by selling jewelry in the US. Maegan bought as much as her suitcase could carry and it quickly sold out! Soon, she was placing new orders and connecting with other artisan groups - and launched the first ever designs unique to ETHICGOODS.

In 2018, Bethany Strumpell, Jenilee Hurley and Katie Gonzales joined as co-owners and have been working hard to expand and grow ETHICGOODS into what it is today. We are firm believers that fashion can empower and it is our dream and goal to increase the impact that ETHICGOODS has on the women we work with and the world. We are based in Washington, DC. We work with the artisans to design each line, and while we are designers by trade, our real mission is to use what we love (FASHION!) to help others across the globe heal, step into their potential, and leave a great legacy for their kids. We believe in solving problems creatively, living with purpose, and loving big. These artisans inspire us to live a beautiful life, regardless of what’s happened.  We think their courageous, adventurous, and resilient spirit is contagious in each piece.

ETHICGOODS provides economic empowerment for women who are survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. We work primarily in South East Asia, and partner with nonprofits that provide holistic care (counseling, education, and healthcare), focus on strengthening the family unit, and have demonstrated a community centered approach. They also believe business has a role to play in empowering the women they work with, which is where we come in.


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