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In its purest form, Nora Fleming is the result of love. The harmonizing of a brother and sister’s distinct skill sets to achieve one goal — to bring joy to every table and every event.  In an environment founded in trust, laughter and hard work, Nora and her team believe that in order to bring bliss to everyday occasions as well as once-in-a-lifetime events, their products must be infused with love. “When people see our trademark pink bird in their local boutique window, I want them to know that they are one step closer to finding that perfect gift for themselves or a loved one” says Nora. As a mother and wife, Nora strives to make every celebration one her children will remember. With Nora Fleming serving pieces, home décor pieces, and minis, each event is sure to be a dreamscape of happiness, smiles and unforgettable memories.

How it Works:
Step #1 - Select your Nora Fleming base and minis
Step #2 - Dab the hole of your base with water, and insert mini of your choice
Step #3 - Push mini from top then pull mini stem from under the platform rim to secure

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