Bogg Brrr Cooler Insert for Baby Bogg Bag in Navy


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This insulated cooler bag add ons is designed to fit the Baby Bogg® Bag and will transform your stylish tote into a stylish cooler, keeping your drinks and snacks nice and cool while you enjoy the warm sun!...

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Fills the entire inside of the Baby Bogg® Bag. 

- Has a shoulder strap for use with or without the Baby Bogg® Bag.

- Made of 600D/polyester and insulated with closed-cell foam, lined with PEVA insulation material to keep the storage cold all throughout. Since our soft side coolers are cut and sewn products we do not recommend using ice cubes that may melt over time, causing liquid to pool and potentially leak.  Ice packs are recommended.