Glam Reed Diffuser in Pumpkin Dulce


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The Pumpkin Dulce Glam Reed Diffuser is an autumn fairytale wrapped in champagne glitter! It’s filled with the delicious scents of white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap and whipped vanilla and packaged to perfection....

Delivery timeframe: Usually ships within 24 hours!

- Pumpkin Dulce...white pumpkin, sweet gingersnap, and whipped vanilla

- The Glam Reed Diffusers feature elevated packaging with a giftable touch

- Place Reed Diffuser vase on a stable surface that is not wood, lacquered, polished, or painted. Pour Refill into Diffuser vase and insert, then carefully remove and flip reeds to allow other end to become saturated. Control fragrance intensity by the number of reeds used and frequency of flipping the reeds

Weight: 8 fl oz

Dimensions: 2.48"L x 2.48"W x 10.75"H