Beachcomber Earrings


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The Beachcomber earrings feature 14k gold filled shell charms that dangle. Perfect for summer or your next vacay!...

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- 1”

- 14k gold filled earring hooks

- 14k gold filled charms: 1/2”

- Charms: 1/4”

- Lead + Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic

- Handmade with love from our studio located in West Chester, PA.

- Packaged in a 100% organic cotton jewelry pouch 

Care Instructions: Never sleep in your jewelry. Due to its delicate nature, handle with care. Store in a cool, dry place or in our 100% organic cotton jewelry pouch when not wearing. Remove before swimming, showering, sweating, or going into a hot tub. Allow sunscreens and perfumes to dry before wearing.

Gold-Filled jewelry is composed of a solid layer of gold (typically constituting at least 5% of the item's total weight) mechanically bonded to a base of either sterling silver or some other base metal. The term "gold filled" is a regulated industry standard that requires the metal to consist of at least 5% pure gold by weight. Most high quality gold filled pieces have the same appearance as high carat gold, and gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last 10 to 30 years. The layer of gold on gold filled items is 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular gold plating.

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